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Why Do You Need an SEO Audit?

Common scenarios that warrant an SEO Audit are:


You’ve been hit with a Google penalty.

Perhaps you have lost a substantial amount of traffic and revenue from organic search. Our SEO Audit will help identify the reasons for the penalty (if in fact there is one) and help you recover your lost traffic and revenue.


Your organic traffic has stagnated/flatlined.

You may be creating quality content, expanding your product offerings, and generally doing what it normally takes to grow your organic traffic, but your traffic growth has come to a standstill. You may be looking at one or several technical or structural SEO issues, which is where our audits can help.


You have run out of organic traffic growth ideas.

It’s hard to maintain consistent organic traffic growth. Our audits will not only identify issues preventing organic search performance, but they will also provide recommendations for new avenues of growth.

What Comes With An SEO Audit?

Three things:

1. The Audit Findings Document

The actual audit findings are presented to you in a PDF document that provides the following information for each data point we audit:

  • Explanation of the area analyzed (What the heck are we auditing and why is it important?)
  • Issues found
  • Examples of issues from your website or campaign
  • Recommended fix(es)

2. The Implementation Plan Spreadsheet

Along with the actual findings document is the Action Plan Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is structured to match the Audit Findings Document for easy reference between the two. The spreadsheet lists the specific URLs where we found issues and provides instructions for how to fix those issues. This is the document you would want to present to a developer or website manager and often becomes the roadmap for ongoing audit implementation work and consulting.

3. Implementation Consulting

Should you decide to move forward with the SEO Audit Implementation plan, you will either be doing it in-house or with a 3rd party consultant or agency. During this period, Brian can be available for ongoing consulting to help with implementation of our recommendations. With his background in on-site optimization, familiarity with most CMS and other web platforms, and his team management and training experience, we are well-equipped to help with the total process.


How Long Does An SEO Audit Take?

The time it takes for us to complete an SEO Audit generally depends on the size of the site and the issues we discover. The hard part is that we are not going to know every issue that needs to be addressed until we are actually digging into your website.

Here are the general lengths of time for most SEO Audits, based on site size:

  • Under 1k Pages: 2-3 weeks
  • 1k – 500k Pages: 4-5 weeks
  • 500k+ Pages: 5-6 weeks

Are Audits Automated?

No. All of our audits are done manually, using only tools that help us to pull pertinent metrics, analyze large swaths of data, and find issues more quickly. We do not rely on any of those automated auditing tools out there and simply re-package the results with our logo. Over the years we have found that manual auditing allows us to dig deeper into a website or campaign in order to find the details that matter to the bigger picture.


Multiple Pricing Options

We aim to provide the best, most comprehensive SEO audits you can buy, at a price your business can afford. We tailor your audit around your specific circumstances.

Lead Gen Website
For small sites

price starts at

  • Number of pages not more than 500
Info Website
For medium sites

price starts at

  • Number of pages not more than 1000

Best Value

eCommerce Website
Must have for large companies sites

price starts at

  • Number of pages not more than 50000

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Such instruments examine and evaluate your website, as well as your competitors, to provide you with comprehensive reports on what to improve, what to do, and show you crucial issues that need to be solved.


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